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3. When you visit the Club, which of the following facilities do you use most often? Please tick and state the reason of use.

Steam Room
Swimming Pool
Learning Vision
Imperial Court Restaurant
Beauty Face Spa and Wellness
Others (please specify)

4. The following are new facilities in the Club. Please state the reasons of use and tick accordingly.

Pat’s Schoolhouse
Brighton Montessori
Jackpot room
Ei8hth Avenue
Muslim Delights Restaurant

5. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? If yes, please state the facilities and areas of improvement.

6. Which of the following activities have you participated before? Please tick and state the reason for participation.

Local educational tours (e.g. Visit to local attractions)
1-Day trip to Malaysia (e.g. Durian trip, Malacca)
Overnight overseas trip (e.g. Trip to Batam)
Hands-on courses (e.g. Cooking, Jewellery making)
Physical courses (e.g. Yoga, Zumba)
Talks (e.g. Financial, Investment, Health)
Celebration Dinner
Mahjong competition
Members’ Night
Others (please specify):

7. The following Club Activities have been planned for 2016. Please tick the activities that you are interested in.

Durian Fiesta (August)

Gelato making workshop (September)
BBQ Theme nights (Bi-Monthly)
Pet Workshop – Learning to care for small mammals (October)
Zumba Class
Balloon Sculpting Workshop
Tombola Night (Bi-Monthly)
Eyecare Talk
Visit to Singapore Pools HQ (October)
CPF Talk
Fishing Trip at Tanjung Pinang
Yoga Class
5 days-4 nights Trip to Bangkok

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