• Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs)
  • Community Centre/Club Management Committees (CCMCs)
  • Community Development Councils (CDCs)
  • Community Development Councils Standing Committees (CDCSC)
  • Residents’ Committees (RCs)
  • Senior Citizens’ Executive Committees (SCECs)
  • Women’s Executive Committees (WECs)
  • Youth Executive Committees (YECs)
  • Neighborhood Committees (NCs)
  • Community Emergency and Engagement Committees
  • Malay Activity Executive Committees (MAECs)
  • Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs)
  • T-Net Club Management Committees (TCMCs)
  • Community Centre/Club’s Building Fund Committees
  • Community Sports Clubs
  • Area Sub-Committees (ASCs)
  • Members of the Grassroots’ Organizations approved by the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association may apply to be Ordinary Members of the Club.
Grassroot Club.
  • Ordinary, Associate, Honorary and Founder Members’ Spouse and their children above 12 & below 21 years old
Grassroot Club.
  • Management Committee Members of PA Corporate Members
  • Volunteers appointed by the People’s Association
  • Staff of People’s Association
  • Grassroots leaders who are Ordinary Members of the Club, and who have resigned or retired from the grassroots service. This is subject to constitution 5.3b.
  • Former grassroots leaders. This is subject to constitution 5.3a.
Grassroot Club.
  • Any person who had contributed or would contribute towards the Club, on the recommendation of the Management Committee and approved by the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association.
Grassroot Club.